A simple MERN Full Stack application which will record and show the user Details.

This are the Output Screens for MERN application and you can also look at the MERN Full Stack website: React App (mern-full-stack-userinfo.netlify.app)

Lets try to make a simple REST API using MongoDB, Express.js and Node.js

You can also find the project in REST_API-MongoDB repository.

Also look at this api url https://restapi-cars.herokuapp.com
for getting data https://restapi-cars.herokuapp.com/Cars

Get Started..

  • Open your project folder and in terminal with your current project folder name, enter npm…

A simple project to store data from api in json file.

Get Started..

  • Create a empty python file and name as you wish (Eg: datastore.py ).
  • Now lets start importing the modules:
import urllib.request
import json
  • urllib.request is a Python module for fetching URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) or it defines…

Making a simple voice chat integration using flutter and Alan.app to navigate to other pages.

You can find the Source code in Github

You can find also the script from Alan.app in here.

Lets start with creating a account in Alan.app

  • Open Alan.app and create your account.
  • After login you…

Lets try to build a simple todo list app using Django.

This will help you to install Django and creating a project.

Basic Intro of Django

Django is a Python-based free and open-source web framework that follows the model-template-views architectural pattern.

A simple project using requests in python to send/receive the message from the Bot.

Firebase google authentication using react expo ( For Android Users )

Follow the github page for source code: Google-Auth-Using-React-Expo

Steps to follows to use Google Sign In:

  • Open google and search for console.cloud.google.com and Sign In with your mail id.
  • After creating a account / Login into account, search for…

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